Announcing our Keynote speaker for the ANZREG 2019 Conference – 23-25 October 2019

February 28, 2019

We have not one but two exciting ANZREG 2019 Conference announcements for you.

First and foremost, we are delighted to share details of our keynote speaker: Jeff Brand

Jeff is Professor of Communication and Creative Media, at Bond University, and will be presenting “Libraries at the Edge of Reality: A Manifesto for Civilising Digitalisation

Jeff promises an interactive experience, challenging us as librarians to:

“…preserve humanity passionately in the proliferating digital experience by agreeing on a set of principles set out in this modest manifesto.  The impartiality and diversity of our collective, lived digital experience creates a kind of ephemeris that cannot be wholly preserved. In that context, we must:

1.         Facilitate discovery in the actions of search,

2.         Champion dynamic and diverse literacies and fluencies,

3.         Preserve artefacts and civility, and

4.         Imbue our technologies with human values.

Drawing on studies of digital media and society, we may discover why the New Great Library of the Real-World and the Great Virtual Library of Minecraft are important and more particularly, why librarians are ever more essential for humanising our digital experience.”

You can learn more about Jeff and his impressive body of work around digital literacy at:

And, secondly, we have nabbed our twitter account for the Conference: @anzreg2019

ANZREG Committee members will be posting throughout the conference, such as for upcoming sessions, but we’d love to see you all joining in too.

Our very own Peta Hopkins is showing her skills not only as Conference Organiser, but also as designer of our awesome banner, which will feature on yourConference nametags.

Check it out here: @anzreg2019

Otherwise, our preparations and announcements will continue, so make sure to tell your bosses you’re heading to ANZREG2019 at Bond in October!


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