Webinar: Introduction to User Experience | Human Centred Design

February 24, 2021

Date(s) - February 24, 2021
4:00 pm (Australia/Sydney) - 5:00 pm (Australia/Sydney)

What is UX? What is inclusive design and accessibility? What’s the difference between them and why does it all matter anyway?

This presentation will seek to answer these questions and include a bit of history and knowledge that forms our current thinking of how to create a great and accessible user experience. We will then dive into some practical tools, techniques and methodologies that we use to design and continuously improve these products and experiences.

This webinar is an introductory session for anyone who is thinking about joining the ANZREG Alma cloud apps hackathon. Or who just has an interest in UX/HCD in software development.

Presented by Alex Daly (UNSW), it will help attendees think about designing for optimal experience when working in a hackathon team.

You might not think you’ve got the skills for a hackathon, but we really need Alma users to join in so that the apps work for you!
#FreePD #WhatCanIBringToHackathon

Bonus: Josh Weisman from Ex Libris will also join us to introduce the Alma Cloud Apps style guide.
You can ask us questions about the hackathon too!
Learn about UX Design for Alma Cloud Apps Hackathon February 24, 2021

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