Proposed Changes to the ANZREG ByLaws

October 17, 2019

Earlier this year the ANZREG Committee made the decision to add two additional members to the Committee to create capacity and ensure more even workloads for existing Committee members. It was agreed at the time that we would follow a process at our next ANZREG meeting where we would seek endorsement of these two new Committee members.

We also need to amend the ANZREG ByLaws to accommodate such a process in the future.

As ANZREG Chair I propose the following changes to the ANZREG ByLaws which will be voted on at the ANZREG conference next week. We will also post details of the change on the ANZREG website.

The current ByLaw wording:

Election process

  • The ANZREG Committee has between five and ten members, with at least two representatives from both Australia and New Zealand.
  • Elections will occur every second year for half the positions on the committee.
  • Current members may run for re-election as often as they desire.
  • The committee will solicit nominations for elections via email and the ANZREG website.
  • Advance candidates will submit a short biography no later than two weeks before the annual election.
  • Elections will be held via email.
  • The committee will post the election results, including effective date of each member’s term, on the ANZREG web pages.

Proposed addition to the ByLaw:

  • Adding Committee members by invitation: The Committee may, at times, identify the need to invite a current ANZREG member with specific skills or background to join the ANZREG Committee, to address an identified need. This may include, but is not limited to, the ability to represent a specific Library sector or geographic region. In this situation, the appointment of these committee members will advertised at the next ANZREG General Meeting and the ANZREG Chair will seek endorsement of these appointments through a show of hands.

Cate Bardwell

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