Product development

Part of the purpose of ANZREG is to participate in wider product advocacy groups, and to develop regional priorities in relation to Ex Libris products.

Members are encouraged to submit ideas for product improvements to NERS and/or Idea Exchange, and to vote in both systems for suggestions submitted by other libraries. The ANZREG Committee hopes to develop a plan for a regional strategy for product advocacy with members’ feedback.

NERS (new enhancement request system)

IGeLU and ELUNA have a contractual agreement with Ex Libris for the enhancement of defined Ex Libris products. This is the only channel for “road-map commitment”. NERS is the system used to enable IGeLU (including ANZREG) members to vote for these enhancements.

To use NERS to vote:

  • Check your membership on the IGeLU members’ list, or email
  • Log in to NERS with your institutional credentials. (If you are not certain about your credentials, please contact
  • Once logged in, all open ballots for your products will appear. In addition, everyone will see a continuous active ballot for SFX.
  • Go to the “Vote” tab.
  • Review each enhancement and enter the number of points your institution wants to assign it in the “Your Votes” column.
  • Once you have assigned the points allotted, click the “Submit Votes” button.
  • You can change your vote at any time before the end of the voting period.

Ideas to get the most bang from your NERS votes:

  1. Try to choose just two or three issues that will have major impact for your organisation and spend your voting points in blocks. This will have far more impact on the voting outcome, than adding 10 or less voting points to 10 or more issues.
  2. If you have a NERS development you want the rest of the APAC community to get behind, send a tweet with a short justification to @anzreg2020 and we’ll post your suggestion to this page for the community to view.

Idea Exchange

The purpose of the Ex Libris Idea Exchange website is to facilitate communication between the user community and the Ex Libris product management team, to help the team set development priorities. Popular ideas suggested on the Idea Exchange site can influence the Ex Libris road map but do not have the force of a road-map commitment.

When submitting an idea, see the Ex Libris Idea Exchange guidelines. If you’ve had an idea in the Idea Exchange for more than 12 months and you’d still like to see it developed, think about submitting it as a NERS request.

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