Webinar – RA21

November 12, 2019

Apologies for the last-minute notice, but we’re poised now for our last in the ANZREG Webinar series for 2019.

We’ll be hosting a webinar this Thursday on RA21 – Thursday 14th at 11am AEDT – presented by Rich Wenger.

If you’re like me and thinking “What’s RA21?”, Rich has provided a teaser:

“IP filtering is anachronous and obsolete, yet it is deeply embedded in academic libraries. This presentation will examine the problems associated with IP filtering, and point the way to a much more appropriate access model based on Federated Identity Management. A brief explanation of the basic components of SAML-based systems like Shibboleth will be included.”

For the more eager of you who can’t wait to learn more, details of RA21 are available online at https://ra21.org/

No registration required – 11am AEDT / 10am AEST (timezone checker)

Check the announcement in the anzreg-l discussion list for connection details.

UPDATE: The recording is now available.

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