Data Centre Migration: We made it!

August 12, 2022

Now that the dust has largely settled from the AP01 to AP02 Data Centre migration (and our thoughts go out to those sites still having problems), the ANZREG Committee shares a summary of feedback received during the final community debrief webinar (held Thursday 4th August – ANZREG webinar program)

  • Overall, institutions are happy with the results of the migration
  • Webinars with Ex Libris staff were highly valued, and more would have been appreciated
  • Communication from Ex Libris during their webinars was at times contradictory and unclear
  • Documentation was fairly good and helpful, however it could have been made available earlier to allow for more testing before the start of the academic year
  • Each site was assigned a focal point – The effectiveness of the focal point system varied, but was generally not ideal. There was the impression of confusion, a range of expertise levels, and uncertainty as to the responsibility of focal points versus issues which should be raised as a case
  • There was strong desire from the community to collaborate on issues. With no visibility of others’ cases in SalesForce or issues raised through focal points, a tool like Basecamp should have been used to support discussions and compile resources. This gap was partly filled by ANZREG webinars, and ANZREG listserv, and ANZREG hosted shared documents
  • The additional Ex Libris higher support window after the migration cutover ended rather quickly, and cases raised after this have not always been dealt with promptly or effectively
  • Major issues (including those still ongoing) appear to have affected Leganto disproportionally
  • The actual migration went quite smoothly and within the advised timeframe (even finishing a few hours early!)

The full feedback report was shared with our community on the ANZREG listserv, and with Ex Libris representatives, along with also summarised results from Ex Libris from their post-migration survey.

The ANZREG committee would like to thank our community for providing your feedback and for supporting each other throughout this time. We hope that our support, advocacy, and collective feedback will improve the experience of future projects for all Ex Libris customers.

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