ANZREG Update from IGeLU

July 28, 2022

The IGeLU Steering Committee visited Ex Libris HQ in late April, to meet with Ex Libris Senior Management.

The ANZREG Committee responded to a call for high level agenda items with three overall topics:

  1. SalesForce responsiveness and quality of support
  2. Performance issues, service disruptions, and ETL delays
  3. Reasonable and realistic lead times and support for significant projects (eg DC migration and VE+)

We’ve heard back relative to 1. and 2. and would like to share on as follows:

  • The timing of the visit unfortunately coincided with significant internal changes very relevant to the support topic, with a new head of Support: Hilary Newman, but several meetings have been held since
  • There are plans to relaunch the program where Support analysts visit customer sites (nb these help with building real understanding of our experiences). This program was placed on hold due to COVID19
  • ANZ response time issues reported were anticipated to be resolved by the move from Singapore to Sydney data centre. The IGeLU SC is going to be undertaking listserv monitoring activities to assess this, for reporting back to Ex Libris
  • Staff training initiatives are underway, including to recognise cases which are time sensitive for prompt handling, such as in the Alma Fulfillment area. It’s suggested that this wording be added clearly to cases submitted to assist with this (as different to priority status of high or system down)
  • The significant backlog of “aging” cases has been analysed to determine root causes, including avoidance due to case complexity and difficulty, staff training gaps, and number of Support analysts available.  As above, strategies have also begun to help in this area, including enhanced training, focus on resolving backlog cases, and expanding the number of staff.

See more details of our recent advocacy efforts on behalf of our community on our Advocacy page.

Stacey van Groll (Chair – ANZREG Committee)

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