2017 Presentations


Title Presenter Presentation
A matter of Perspective: User experience in Libraries   Matt Borg Recording
IGeLU Report
Alma External Authentication Focus Group update
Voyager Product Working Group
Rosetta Product Working Group
  Dave Allen Recording
IGeLU Presentation
AEAFG Presentation
Voyager Presentation
Rosetta Presentation
Primo Product Working Group   Annette Schryver Recording
Alma Product Working Group   Helen Loosli Recording
Leganto Product Working Group   Sue Harmer Recording
Interoperability Special Interest Working Group   Nishen Naidoo Recording
Linked Open Data Special Working Group   Euwe Ermita Presentation
Analytics Special Interest Working Group   Rachel Salby Recording
ANZREG update   Megan Lee Recording
RDA/RDF/BIBFrame: the future of managing metadata   Ebe Kartus Recording
CAUL CSAC eResource Working Group update   Jenny Quilliam Recording
Integrating MarcEdit with Alma   Karen Stone Recording
Integrating the configuration of the new Primo user interface into the back office of Alma   Rashmi Madan Recording
Update on COUNTER reports in Alma   Julie Wright and Melissa McInnes Recording
Offline demo
AIPScitationManual Load Error (csv)
AIPScitationManual Load Error (tsv)
SuccessfulSushiTest (zip)
UnsuccessfulSushiTest (zip)
Troubleshooting eResources for Alma and Primo using a combination Analytics and automated macros testing   Amelia Rowe Recording
Alma-D Panel: Introducing digital content to Alma and Primo   Daniela Nastasie, Rashmi Madan, Alison Neil, and Sharron Zuodar Recording
Resource sharing in Alma – one to many   Helen Loosli and Annette Schryver Recording (Schryver)
Recording (Loosli)
Presentation (Schryver)
Presentation (Loosli)
Collection Assessment: matching electronic and physical records   Justin Kelly Recording
University of Auckland Discovery Zone   Peter Jensen Recording
Customising the new Primo UI   Peta Hopkins and Jessie Donaghey Recording
Leganto Panel: Letting go with Leganto – four Australian Universities reflect on implementing a new course resource list solution   Kerry Bedford, Tracey Donelly, Linda Sheedy and Meredith Mooi Recording
Ex Libris company update
Ex Libris product update
Ex Libris Q&A session
  Ziv Benzvi
Yair Amsterdam
Dave Allen
Company presentation
Product presentation
Q&A presentation

Best Practice Day

Title Presenter Presentation
Reducing workflow wastage by leveraging the Alma Mobile app   Kendall Kousek Presentation
Flowcharting Alma eResource acquisitions processes   Anna Wheeler Presentation
E-resource trial
New resource request form
New e-resource promotion checklist
E-resource subscription renewal
Renewal information sheet
Cancellation checklist summary
Cancellation checklist
Alma UX demonstration: testing the UX / moving between old and new UI   Karen Stone and Megan Lee Presentation
Working with Alma analytics in Tableau   Justin Kelly Presentation
Understanding Leganto through analytics   Sue Harmer Presentation
Primo analytics reports: which ones we find most userful and why   Rachel Salby Presentation
Managing view-it in Primo’s back office   Peter Jansen Not available
Related titles
Q&A session with Ex Libris Alma, Primo and Leganto product managers   Asaf Kline, Miri Botzer,
and Gal Darom
Recording (webex)
(skip 1st 9 mins)
Ex Libris Alma roadmap presentation for ANZREG Best Practice Day   Asaf Kline Presentation
Ex Libris Leganto roadmap presentation for ANZREG Best Practice Day   Gal Darom Presentation

Developers’ Day

Title Presenter Presentation
Playing well together : trends in integrating with cloud SaaS applications   Josh Weisman Presentation
Investigating and implementing the new Primo UI   Amelia Rowe and Stacey van Groll Presentation
Alma services dashboard / repository work   Ben Dalwood Presentation
Primo REST API / Library website   Kevin Lin and Jared Watts Library search
Removing courses
Course synchronisation with Alma   Nishen Naidoo Presentation
Mass digitisation for mass preservation at State Library of New South Wales   Chris Burns Presentation

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